New Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Brings Excitement with Two Tin Collections

Pokemon TCG collectors and players will both simultaneously rejoice in the arrival of the newest English set hitting store shelves soon: Scarlet and Violet. Trainers can rejoice in the fact that already two different tins types are confirmed to come out soon, to ring in the arrival of a new era of cards.

To begin with, the 'Paldea Pals' Mini Tin collection will arrive May 5th, the first of the two tin types. The tins will end up retailing for $9.99, which is a dollar more than what mini tins have been going for ever since their debut back in 2019. Each tin will contain two card packs, an artwork card depicting the tin cover, and a sticker sheet. Following the way mini tin collections typically go, there will be five different variations of the tins.

In addition to the mini tins, we will also be seeing the release of the 'Paldea Legends Tins', which will feature Miraidon and Koraidon respectively. The tins will be available for purchase starting June 9th, and will retail at a higher $26.99. For this price you will receive five booster packs as well as a foil ex card of whichever Legendary is on the cover of the tin. The artwork for the ex promo card is different then the artwork which is featured within the base set, and has not been seen in any Japanese products thus far.

These products are certainly something to look forward to, although their price tags certainly aren't. Even with the alteration to the pull rates, and the other fundamental pack changes that are coming to the Pokemon TCG, many fans still aren't on board with the increase seen in prices. Something that anyone who is considering purchasing Pokemon cards soon may want to look out for are the additional increases to price a lot of larger companies, specifically brick and mortar stores, are trying to artificially add. Many stores are able to get away with charging five dollars or so extra, simply due to their customers not knowing better. By shopping at smaller, reliable sites, such as TCGStadium, you can remain with the Sword and Shield price tags, but have access to all of the pulls of the Scarlet and Violet TCG.

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