ACE SPEC Cards' Reemergence!

While many collectors were busy getting excited by the first official preview of the next Pokemon TCG set, Paradox Rift, many TCG players had their sights set on what may be one of the greatest comeback stories in Pokemon history. 

Following the end of the Pokemon World Championships 2023, Paradox Rift had its first official preview shown; however, there was something else which also revealed at the very end of the trailer. The return of ACE SPEC game mechanic was revealed, a mechanic was first seen back during the Black and White TCG era with the set Boundaries Crossed, which released over a decade ago! 

We know that ACE SPEC cards will be returning in 2024, yet not much else is known. The mechanic will most likely act similar to how it did in the past, limiting players to only one ACE SPEC card per deck. These trainer cards are very powerful and can often have game changing implications if used appropriately, meaning their reintroduction will certainly shake up the meta-game.


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