All Announced VSTAR Premium Collection Boxes!

Sealed collectors and box rippers alike can surprisingly all agree on a few things. For instance they both can say that they both love Charizard, and while their reasoning may be very different from each other, they can still agree. This phenomena continues when analyzing one of the hottest types of products on the Pokemon TCG market right now, VSTAR premium collection boxes. These boxes are loved by many for a variety of reasons, beginning with their variety of contents! These boxes contain a good quantity of packs, some small items, and most importantly, they all feature a specific Pokemon, which is usually fan favorite. This trend is continuing strong, with announcements having been made over the past month for several new collection boxes, and today we are going to look over all of the announced VSTAR premium collection boxes as of right now.

What Is a VSTAR Premium Collection Box?

VSTAR premium collection boxes may have one of the most defining names of all Pokemon TCG products; they are exactly what they are called. Premium collection boxes in the Pokemon TCG are specific boxed products which, once out of their original print run, are almost never seen again. These products are  known to jump in rarity and price as soon as they leave store shelves for good. Now as for today's product of topic, VSTAR premium collection boxes feature Pokemon VSTAR cards.

Each box has a different Pokemon as its poster child, with everything beyond the packs centered around the chosen Pokemon. Each box contains a full art V card, a VSTAR, and then that VSTAR card in a jumbo variation, all of which are the featured Pokemon. In addition, a large metallic coin as well as a beautifully crafted enamel pin both also depict the chosen Pokemon. With an extra six booster packs as well, these boxes have all been retailing for $39.99. 

I'm not going to waste time talking about the VSTAR boxes of the past in any real depth. So far we've seen only Lucario and Kleavor. Both Glaceon and Leafeon got their own VSTAR boxes, but they weren't premium collection ones specifically. With that quick clarification aside, let's get to the boxes you've all been waiting for!

Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection Box

The most recently announced and also soonest to come out, the Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection Box is one of the most interesting boxes that we've seen yet. Releasing on September 30th, this box won't be hitting store shelves. This is the second ever Pokemon TCG product to be an Amazon exclusive, a very interesting choice by The Pokemon Company indeed. This box will retail for $49.99, which is an average price considering its contents.

This is the only Premium VSTAR Collection box that has deviated from the typical contents and price thus far. To begin with, it only includes the three promotional cards, which have all been seen before. The Arceus VSTAR card is the same one we already had, and in addition to this, the Arceus V card is not a full art. To continue onward, the box doesn't come with a pin, coin, or acrylic VSTAR marker either. Nonetheless, this box is still an incredible purchase, and comes with ten packs instead of the normal six. From what we can see in the image, at least one of those included packs is a Cosmic Eclipse pack from Sun and Moon.  

Origin Forme Dialga & Palkia VSTAR Premium Collection Boxes

The first two out of the four that were announced will both be releasing and out on store shelves this October seventh! The full art V cards that come with these boxes have only been seen in Japan's Space Juggler and Time Gazer sets, not yet seen in the West. If you wanted more reason to be excited for these boxes, the VSTAR cards included are different than the ones that we've already had in Astral Radiance. Personally speaking I think that the Palkia box is the best out of the four, but that's just my opinion.

Hisuian Zoroark Box

Last down the line is the Hisuian Zoroark box, releasing on October 28th, a little before Halloween. This year it seems that The Pokemon Company is going above and beyond in celebrating Halloween in their TCG scene, and this box is just one of few items to commemorate the holiday. Similar to the Palkia and Dialga boxes, both of the promotional cards in the Zoroark box will not have been featured in English yet. With the VSTAR card having an alternative artwork and the full art V card not having been seen in English yet.

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