Annihilape ex Box Marks a New Era in Pokémon TCG Collectibles

Revealed recently, the Annihilape ex box will be releasing on July 14th, for a price of $21.99. While the box itself is worth noting on its own, it marks a change in The Pokémon TCG which many may have missed.

The Annihilape ex box breaks the mold and standard set previously by "V" boxes, with a change in price, contents, and even product design. This box does not contain a jumbo card variation of the featured Pokemon; instead, it will only feature it as a standard sized card, along with two other cards featuring Mankey and Primeape. The box still contains four booster packs.

We could assume that this will become the future configuration of ex boxes, if we see this continue with one or two other Pokemon boxes. This could additionally mean that jumbo cards are more difficult for collectors to find, as well as limit jumbo card diversity.

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