April 2022 Pokemon Products

Pokemon TCG fans prepare your wallets, break open your piggy banks, and get ready to spend your child's college tuition fund because in just 2 short months we're going to be seeing an onslaught of new products hitting store shelves. In this article we're going to quickly take a look at what's to come and what's to look forward to this spring!

What might be my personal favorite line of products in recent years, we have a set of Sinnoh mini tins. These tins will most likely follow the trend of mini tin sets in the past and come with 2 packs, a coin, and a collective artwork featuring whatever the outside cover is showing.
The next product being featured is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one at that. Morpeko is the fifth Pokemon to receive it's own V-Union, showing that this may be a continuing trend. If it's like the V-Unions that we've seen previously, this box will come with a variety set of 4 different booster packs, as well as the V-Union promo cards, and finally a matching jumbo card. I for one am a big fan of this product simply because it means we may have more of these to look forward to potentially sometime in the future.
The final Product revealed to us is the Lucario V-Star premium collection box. The box is set to contain 6 booster packs, 2 different Lucario promo cards, a jumbo Lucario card, and a pin and metallic coin both featuring the Pokemon. All of this will be available at a steal of a price, only $39.99 for all of it. One of my friend's favorite Pokemon is Lucario, so I know for a fact he's going to buy one of these to open and one to keep sealed. As for me personally, I can't wait to dig into one of these boxes as soon as I get the chance.

What are you looking forward to getting? Is it the Lucario premium collection? Or perhaps it's the mini tins? Either way, all of these products will be available to you for a bargain of a price here at the Stadium, so maybe you won't have to spend too much of your child's future funds. 
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