Astral Radiance Cards Leaked!

Pokemon fans once again, prepare to develop a gambling addiction! Clean out your coffers and get ready to drop some money, because Astral Radiance is soon to drop! I think it's safe to say that most people have at least heard of this set on the horizon, but maybe not know too much about it. A few days ago, the official Pokemon Company leaked a few of the cards which were to be contained within the set. Just as recently thought, this set is going to have cards mainly from Battle Region and Space Juggler/ Time Gazer. This is to say however, that many cards will unfortunately be cut from the set list.

So far the biggest thing to be revealed to us, at least in my opinion, are the character gallery cards which will be included in this set. While it already made some sense to see a few character gallery cards because of Battle Region, because of the leaks we know we're going to have a much more robust roster. It is confirmed to us now that Astral Radiance will contain character gallery cards from December's VMAX Climax, which is really impressive. I think this is going to set Astral Radiance up for even greater heights, meaning it may be yet another top tier set comparable to both Evolving Skies and Brilliant Stars. Character Gallery cards really help make a set much more well rounded, not just because it means that there is another unique type of card to collect, but also because of the chance to have not one but two hits per pack.

In addition to al of this, we will have both VSTAR and VMAX cards making an appearance in this set, with VMAX's such as Heatran and Machamp, and VSTAR's such as Darkrai and origin form Palkia. The best part about this set though, is that the fun doesn't stop there! Not only, will there be VMAX, VSTAR, V, Full Art, and Character Gallery cards, but we know that there will be Radiant cards as well! Radiant cards made their debut in the Japanese set Battle Region, and are known to be making a return in the next JP set, Dark Phantasma. Radiant cards feature shiny Pokemon, and in the Japanese set include a unique crosshatch holofoil pattern. If that pattern will continue on over to the international version is a toss up as of right now, but we know for sure that the cards themselves will be making a return!


As a summation of everything stated above, or in Lehman's terms basically, this is going to be one of the best selling sets of the Sword and Shield era. I think it really comes down to personal preference and priorities when it comes to what sets one values the most, but if you liked Brilliant Stars you'll certainly love Astral Radiance. This is going to be one of the most sought after sets, and you can certainly expect to see shelves cleared in the weeks following its release; why get caught with scalper prices and empty shelves though? If you preorder on our website, you'll be guaranteed whatever products you want, and you'll be able to reserve them at an affordable price. TCGStadium is even doing its first ever bundle deal, with an elite trainer and booster box, so simply the more you buy the more you save! Our preorders are still open, so go ahead and reserve yourself something! Personally, I've already got a booster box and two elite trainer boxes preordered, and I just can't wait any more for this set!


Ash Davachi

Ash Davachi

Yes, Peyton! Astral Radiance will officially be out on May 27th!



Do you guys know when Astral Radience comes out.

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