Battle Region: Everything You Need To Know!

Hello once again audience, prepare your wallets and pray your credit score can take another hit, because The Pokemon TCG is getting another amazing set. With the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there has been a definite surge of joy in The Pokemon community. Whether you're a fan of the new game, or just excited to see some of your favorite Pokemon get new forms, Legends Arceus has you covered, and we are finally seeing that bleed over the to TCG realm!

Leaked earlier this week, now with its entire card set revealed, Battle Region is confirmed to be the next Japanese Pokemon set, with a debut date of March 5th. Featuring more Character Rares (character gallery cards if you want to be technical), more V-Star cards, and 'Sparkling Pokemon' cards, this is set is seemingly another banger! Coming right off the heels of VMAX Climax, Start Deck 100, and Star Birth this set has taken the torch and is leading the way for even better cards to add to collections moving forward. 

In Battle Region you'll be able to collect the 'newest' type of Pokemon Card, called Sparkling Pokemon! These cards feature shiny Pokemon in their artwork with a unique holo pattern to boot, along with their own rarity symbol: "K". These cards are awfully reminiscent of shining Pokemon cards which have been around the Pokemon scene for several years at this point. There are only 3 of these new cards within the next set, both a Heatran and Hawlucha, alongside a Greninja (I will admit I did not include a picture of the Greninja card because I think it is way too overhyped of a Pokemon). While a few neigh-sayers may be up in arms about there only being 3 of these cards to collect, I believe this is the perfect number, especially assuming that this is a continued type of card that we will see more of in the future. Cards of this nature are often very difficult to pull, so having there only be 3 cards, which all feature very diverse Pokemon, seems like a great idea in my opinion. I know I'm personally going to be foaming at the mouth whenever I open a pack, hoping to get a Heatran to put into my binder!
The next thing that makes this set one for the history books, and as of now the most unique part of Battle Region, is the inclusion of Hisuian forms! Here we see the starter trio, in all their glory, in beautiful V-Star cards in their Hisuian forms! If you've been out from under your rock in the past month, you'll be well informed about how these new forms have taken the fandom by storm. Finally, we see these new forms released in the TCG realm, in beautiful artworks that do each and every new Pokemon justice. Personally speaking, ever since I began playing Legends: Arceus I have fallen in love with Hisuian Typhlosion, and I cannot be more excited to add its new V-Star card to collection. The way the colors pop on all of these cards, seeing some of our most well-loved starters in their spunky new looks, it truly melts a Pokemon fan's heart. 
Last, and certainly not least, are the new Character Rares that are going to be included in this set. Battle Region is riding the hype train that both VMAX Climax and Brilliant Stars have started by including a few Character Rares to its already amazing roaster of cards. These Character Rares, unlike in the 2 aforementioned sets, will feature Pokemon from the Hisui region! Character Rares are an amazing addition to any set, and the fact that they have made a quick return into another set shows how the geniuses behind the card factories know exactly how much we love these cards.
So what exactly makes Battle Region such a good set? It's amazing variety in types of cards, all of which have stunning artwork. The sheer beauty behind most of the cards in this set is immaculate, and leaves nothing left to be desired besides an unrelenting urge to rip open a booster box. I have gone on record on saying that Star Birth would be my favorite set of all time for the Sword and Shield TCG series, but this set is giving it a serious run for its money. In terms of recent Japanese sets, this is by far my favorite set, and will most likely stay that way. The fact that I could get my favorite starter, Typhlosion, in it's new Hisuian form as a V-Star is already great enough; however, coupled with both Character Rares and more importantly shining cards this set has it all! A wide range of high rarity cards makes this set something really special, and I definitely foresee it skyrocketing in price even as soon as before the next set. I would definitely say buy this while you can!
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