Best Buy's Oinkologne ex Exclusive Product!

An unexpected product is on the horizon, with Oinkologne ex running into the scene! 

Releasing as a Best Buy exclusive, the Oinkologne ex box will retail for $21.99, and will be available on shelves starting September 3rd. The box will contain four packs, two foil cards depicting Oinkologne ex and its pre-evolution Lechonk, as well as a jumbo Oinkologne ex card. Unfortunately, the two standard cards are directly reprinted from Scarlet and Violet base; on a less solemn note however, we may see a cosmic holofoil for Lechonk, which is always something to look forward to. 

Interestingly, this product follows what we thought was the older 'four-pack box' product, with a featured jumbo card instead of the newer Annihilape design. Perhaps, as this box is a Best Buy exclusive, it may follow the older design. The alternative theory would be that the Annihilape box was just a unique one-shot product.

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