Charizard Outbreak in Obsidian Flames!

With Obsidian Flames right around the corner, the hype for Charizard ex has never been higher! Unfortunately for monetary based collectors however, Charizard appears to be slightly more common than anticipated. 

With Obsidian Flames still not out on shelves, some fans have already been able to get their hands on packs before the official release date, and have already begun ripping. Collectors opening packs before their release date isn't necessarily something uncommon, and unfortunately Charizard seemingly isn't as well.

In order for an individual card to gain a large amount of value, not only does it need to be highly sought after, but it has to be difficult to pull as well. Its simple supply and demand at its core, and this has been seen in many different chase cards both recently and in the past. A very common example is the Umbreon VMAX from Evolving Skies, which not only has intricately beautiful artwork, but is also near impossible to get out of a pack. The other reason a card may gain a larger price tag is if it is good competitively, which charizard seemingly won't be.

Charizard in the upcoming set is undoubtedly the next chase card, considering Charizard itself is the mascot of Pokemon TCG chase cards, yet its' pull rates would beg to differ. Seemingly, Charizard has been much more common than it was thought to be, and because of this we can only assume none of its card variations will end up costing too much. Obsidian Flames has the chance to revive Scarlet and Violet's streak of unsuccessful sets or further push it into mediocrity, and currently things aren't looking too hot for Charizard. 

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