Clay Burst Made-to-Order Booster Boxes

What is perhaps some of the most odd and exciting recent news within the Pokémon TCG community has still remained relatively undiscussed. Creatures has recently announced that it will be starting to make "made-to-order" Clay Burst booster boxes, which will be sold on the Pokemon Center website. The applications for these orders were from May 11th to the 16th, and had required you to wait in a virtual line. 

Due to absurdly high demand for these booster boxes, the print run has been halted, and instead these boxes will be produced as they are ordered. Unsurprisingly, due to scalping being an issue, the order tickets for these boxes were shifted from a virtual line to a raffle system. This would help to lower the never before seen pricing on some of the items artificially.

All of this begs the question, why is Clay Burst specifically having its booster boxes be made to order? Simply, it is due to the insane prices which certain cards, specifically the full art and alternate art cards depicting the character Iono, have reached. It appears that these steps have been taken in order to deflate some of the prices of both some cards and the booster boxes themselves, and make their price tags more regular and affordable.

Creatures is one of three companies which back Pokemon as a franchise, the other two being Nintendo and Game Freak. It is responsible for the production of many of the products sold under the Pokemon name, with the trading card game included.

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