Cyclizar ex Box Finally Revealed!

Finally, after months of waiting we have a product image to look at! Revealed all the way back in January, it took us almost 2 months to receive a product image of the next ex box to be revealed to us. The Cyclizar ex box will be available for purchase on May 5th.

 Instead of retailing for $19.99 as other similar boxes have in the past, the four pack S/V box will retail for $21.99, an additional two dollars. If we examine the product image we received, there are two distinct Scarlet and Violet base set packs in the front, and what appears to two Sword and Shield Fusion Strike packs as well. 

The box will contain three promotional cards in total, two Cyclizar ex cards (one jumbo and one regular), as well as a Rotom card. We can assume this can be the formula for the four pack ex boxes of this generation, moving forward.

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