Paldea Evolved Prerelease Promotional Cards Revealed!

The prerelease cards for Paldea Evolved have been revealed, leading up to its release on June 9th. The cards feature the Pokemon Baxcalibur, Tinkaton, Murkrow, and Pelipper. The artwork is unique, as it has not yet been found in the Japanese card list; however, the cards themselves come originally from the twin sets Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. 

All of these Pokemon have some form of significance to the Pokemon community currently; more specifically Murkrow has a large amount of significance as well. In the competitive Pokemon scene, very few Pokemon in generation nine have access to the move tailwind, although, Murkrow is an exception to this. As of right now Murkrow has been an wildcard pick in order to bring a powerful move onto a team, and perhaps this card is a nod to its current significance in the meta.

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