Dark Phantasma: Select Cards Revealed!

I really think I speak for all of us when I say this: Pokemon has been an amazing streak recently! Set after set, we've yet to be disappointed and it looks like this trend will be continuing. Dark phantasma is set to release this Friday (May 20th) in Japan, and we've had many of the cards already shown to us. Today we will quickly glide through the contents of this new set, and hopefully bring some of the shadows into the light! 

First and foremost, if you look back up at the top of this article, you will see that Character Gallery cards will be making yet another appearance. For some this is good news, while for others not so much. Some people can argue that we've been seeing these cards far too often recently, and that they may loose what makes them special. The few sets that had these cards prior to recent times held a certain distinction, and some people may say that by having yet another set with Character Rares, we loose that distinction. I personally sit far in the other camp, and love the inclusion of such cards. I think Character Rares, or just any different type of card really, just make a set so much better. Who doesn't love more fun and unique cards to collect anyways?

While Character Rares are new information to us, we have known for a little while now that more Radiant cards would be seen in this set. Following in the wake of Battle Region, this set makes use of folk's love for shiny Pokemon. Radiant Gardevoir had been revealed, and now we have our newest Pokemon: Radiant Steelix. Yet another well loved Pokemon debuting as a shiny addition to a set is nothing but- gold- and I can't wait to see this card in person!


 That's the basic news we have to offer. If you so choose to keep reading down into this article, you will see some other newly seen cards which I personally think deserve a spotlight. Now, if you're not convinced that this isn't a set worth collecting, I really don't know what else to show to you. With Character Rares, Radiant cards, Alternate Arts, and even more variety, there's a seemingly endless supply of of joy to be found within those plastic packs. If you're wanting to buy this set, and also hoping not to overpay with overseas shipping wait times and fees, then look no further then the Stadium! Our site is going to be selling Dark Phantasma Booster Boxes starting this week, meaning you could see all of these amazing cards and more as potential pulls soon! Enough of that though, let's look at some of those other cards that will be featured.

Parasect Character Rare

Hisuian Electrode V Full Art
Magnazone VSTAR
Miss Fortune Sisters Full Art
Arezu Rainbow Rare


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