Detective Pikachu Returns, in "Detective Pikachu Returns"!

With the latest Nintendo Direct, we received word of several different Pokemon projects. The obvious and anticipated Scarlet and Violet DLC was shown in relative detail, with some interesting new characters and returning Pokemon revealed; however, it certainly wasn't unexpected to hear news about it. What was  a surprise to be sure though, was the sequel to the 3DS game Detective Pikachu.

The well loved Detective Pikachu game was confirmed to be getting a sequel back in May of 2019, but not much else was known outside of the games confirmation. Now, four years later, we have the game almost in our hands. Detective Pikachu Returns will be released for the Nintendo Switch, and will be available both physically and digitally starting October 6th of this year, and retails for $49.99. The game is available for preorder as well currently, being offered on Nintendo's website as well as the online store on your Switch.

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