Exclusive Pokemon Deals at Retailers!

Pokemon fans often disagree on which of the two mainline games to purchase when that time of season comes around, and often the main source of this divide is the version exclusive content. Obviously, if you're going to be spending $60 and hundreds of hours of your time into one of two products, you'd want to choose the better of the two. Unlike the games however, fans don't have to devote their souls when it comes to purchasing cards at retailers. While this may not be the first time The Pokemon Company has chosen to go down the route of exclusive content, it is certainly always an interesting choice nonetheless. Recently, The Pokemon Company has announced multiple store exclusive items at several different retailers, but because of the sheer amount of product that's being put onto shelves, it may get a little difficult keeping track of it all. That's why we decided to do it for you!


Coming to Walmart Supercenters on November 1st, both Shaymin VSTAR and Darkrai VSTAR will be available for purchase in their very own premium collection boxes. Both boxes will come with a V, VSTAR, and Jumbo VSTAR card depicting the featured Pokemon, in addition to eight packs as well. Unfortunately, the cards seen in the boxes are all reprints of previous cards, yet this still may be a great way to add them to your collection if you haven't been lucky enough to pull one yet. No official price has been listed, but we can assume these boxes will be priced around $50, give or take five bones.


Everyone's favorite place to buy Pizza Hut while shopping for home goods, Target will be getting its own exclusive box in the VMAX Dragons Premium Collection. This box will be ripe and ready to purchase on November 4th; these boxes will come with two V cards, two VMAX cards, and two Jumbo VMAX cards, all depicting both Duraludon and Rayquaza, as well as a whopping 11 packs. No official price has been given out yet, but our closest estimate is around $125, with a chance to slide up or down about 10 dollars.

Best Buy

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, two traditional V boxes will be available at Best Buy starting on November 4th, just like Target. Both boxes will come with a V card and a Jumbo V card either depicting Mew or Kyurem, and will have 4 packs behind them in addition to the promotional cards. Unfortunately the cards are reprints, similar to all the other cards we've seen so far, but this is the first time we are seeing both in a Jumbo variation. Each box will retail at the standard $19.99, a fair price for a staple of the Sword and Shield TCG series. 


It seems Gamestop has made news again, yet this time not for anything related to the stock market, Gamestop will not just be getting one, but instead two completely different store exclusive items soon. 

Beginning with the fan favorite Eevee, it and its 8 eeveelutions will be receiving their own multi-colored box this November 11th. The box will come packed with 9 different card reprints, a promotional eevee card from earlier in the SW/SH TCG series, and the other 8 cards will be the Eeveelutions' V cards from the set Evolving Skies. The box will also have 9 booster packs in it as well, perhaps one to represent each featured Pokemon.

Certainly the most interesting product we're going to have talked about today, GameStop will also be the sole carrier of the Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection. Featuring artwork from the Japanese set Star Birth, and releasing December 16th, this box will certainly be something special. Inside of it, you will find a staggering 15 booster packs, which on its own is plenty of goodies already. In addition to the packs however, will be 2 metal cards, one depicting Arceus V and the other Arceus VSTAR. These metal cards are just like the ones seen in the previous UPC from Celebrations. Inside will also be a playmat (with the Japanese artwork) and metal coin both depicting Arceus, 6 metal damage counter dice, and an acrylic VSTAR marker. All of this will be sold for the price of $99.99. Considering the sheer amount of packs alone, along with all of the other contents of the box, this is one of the best bulk purchase deals on the market if your goal is to collect unique products. 

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