Fall 2022 Collector's Chest Revealed!

Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company debuted their first ever real open world Pokemon title, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with great success. Fans around the globe were overjoyed with the direction the game had gone, and were stoked to be able to explore the region of Hisui alongside new forms of old favorite Pokemon. Starting in November 18th, not only will your favorite horse gods be able to accompany you around the ancient region, but they'll also be able to go with you to lunch at your school's cafeteria as well!

Collector's chests (or lunchboxes as many fans such as myself refer to them) are tins which are not only great for the average collector, but they're also practical! With enough storage space to carry a sandwich, Kool-Aid, and a cookie, these tins are sure to make you all the rage at your lunch table at work or school.

Jokes aside, collector's chests are a somewhat inconvenient way to get packs, although they are a great way to get a bunch of Pokemon themed goodies. Retailing at $24.99, and even lower on our website, this chest comes with five booster packs, a mini portfolio, several sticker sheets, a notebook, and a coin. For those interested, the packs will be one Fusion Strike, two Astral Radiance, and two Lost Origin. These boxes make great gifts for a wide selection of people. Whether wanting to get something for your kid in grade school, wanting to get yourself something different to your card collection, or simply needing a way to store your meal prep for after a hard session in the gym, there really isn't a reason to eventually add one of this product into your cart.


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hi i have been a big fan for years! i also have been watching pat/deep pocket monster for 2 years! i hope you respond thanks.



I am a really big pokemon fan

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