February 2022 Pokemon Center Merch

Scheduled to release within the next few days, February 4, the next wave of Pokemon merchandise has been partially revealed to us. In this article you will be able to read quick snippets of what's to come and what's to look forward to

First and foremost, and probably what is most exciting, is that the Pokemon Company is releasing a brand new folder that's made to store game coins. Gone are the days of throwing all of your game coins into your favorite tin, leaving you to root around in it for minutes on end just to find your favorite coin. Now, with this new folder, you will be able to store up to 18 coins. The binder itself will be sold with 5 of the most iconic coins, which were all voted for during the 25th anniversary coin election which was held in 2021. As a slight disclaimer however, this binder is, as of right now, known only to be coming to the Japanese market. For those unaware, Japanese Pokemon coins are slightly smaller than English ones, so do keep that in mind if you're not an international collector.

Next up, for collectors and card players alike, are the new card sleeves that have been revealed. 2 different sleeves have been revealed to us so far, one having a picture of Glaceon and the other boasting Leafeon. I personally can't remember the last card sleeves that had these two Pokemon pictured individually, and as someone who loves the Sinnoh Eeveelutions I would love to get my hands on these sleeves. They're a great purchase, for oneself or as a little gift for any avid card fan.

Finally, a double deck box featuring both Glaceon and Leafeon has been revealed. This product is a perfect fit for anyone who plays the card game, allowing one to keep multiple decks ready and at hand, for whatever the situation calls for. Collectors shouldn't fret however, as this product can double as a great way to sort and store extra bulk. A thought may be to use it to store any extra holo rare cards you accumulate, because everyone knows you can never have enough places to keep those cards. 

As for me personally, I'm definitely going to get myself a coin folder, because I love the way the coins look, and whenever I get one with a favorite Pokemon of mine on it I feel like displaying it. What about you? Comment down below what products you're looking forward to this month, and what you can't wait to see!

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