Crown Zenith Lugia Special Collection Unveiled by GameStop Canada

All thanks to a GameStop in Canada, we now have an all new insider look at an upcoming product in the Crown Zenith collection. 

With a current release date of August 4th, the Lugia V and Unown V special collection should release. On the site, it is listed at 49.99 CAD, which roughly comes out to $37.50 for us Americans.

The box looks to contain five packs of Crown Zenith, two promotional V cards featuring Lugia and Unown respectively, an oversized Lugia V card, a jumbo coin featuring Lugia, and a Lugia pin which resembles its appearance in the poster for Pokemon the Movie 2000. There was no posted description with the product listing, so not much more can be said in terms of box content or theme.

There is no further information currently available on this special collection box; however, if any more news does come out, you can certainly find out about it here on the Stadium's blog.

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