Guinness World Record Set by Logan Paul for Most Expensive Pokemon Card Bought

Everybody's favorite influencer/ forest wanderer Logan Paul makes headlines again. Debuted prior to a wrestling match, Paul entered the arena flaunting the card around his neck, making sure everybody in the arena could see his 'ice'. Soon after his match ended, Paul was given his certificate by Guinness for the purchase, cementing him as making the most superfluous purchase of a single card in Pokemon TCG history. The card itself was purchased for an immense $5,275,000.

What were the details surrounding this purchase? Paul was visiting in Dubai last July, when he met with the then-owner of the holy Pikachu card. At the time, Paul already owned the exact card, a Pikachu Illustrator, except it was a PSA 9. Wanting to "make an upgrade" he offered the last owner his PSA 9, which he had acquired for $1,275,00, as well as an additional $4,000,000. With that, the transaction was sealed, and Paul was about to get his Pikachu card.


The card itself is as valuable as it is simply due to the rarity as well as the story behind it. One of the most sought after cards in all of the Pokemon TCG scene, Pikachu Illustrator was given out as awards to winners of an illustration contest held in Japan by the magazine company CoroCoro. Back in 1998 when the cards were awarded, there was an estimated 39 cards handed out; however, now only 24 are known to exist. Because of it's rare background, unique history, and perfect grading score, this Pikachu card is as valuable as it is.

Logan Paul is an infamous figure in the Pokemon TCG scene, having been involved in many lucrative purchases and scandals over the past couple of years. Back when he first started during the height of quarantine, Paul was able to attract plenty of new people into the hobby by showing how much money could be made in the hobby. His influence wasn't all good, attracting scalpers like hyenas to the game, but this wasn't the only effect he had. Because of him, Pokemon card prices continued to increase, many sets that had been overlooked at times were starting to see new life, and the hobby became much more fast-paced. His most recent purchase, what may be his biggest blunder, happened only a few short months ago. Back in December of 2021, Paul tweeted out stating that he had dropped $3.5 million on a sealed case of first edition base set cards. To his dismay, the box was a sham and left him feeling gutted. His experiences have come to reflect the trend of Pokemon cards in recent times, seeing as how many purchase have become increasingly expensive, and the threat of counterfeit cards had never been as high.

Does seeing Paul make these purchases influence any part of you? Do you aspire to knock him off the throne as the 'prince of Pokemon'? Would you want to be the one to take the Guinness World Record from him with a single purchase of cards? If your answer to any of these is yes, then you're on the right site! TCGStadium makes shopping a breeze with its easy shopping, great selection, and fast shipping speeds. Unlike Paul, you won't have to worry about the issue of fake cards, as all of the products on our website are 100% authentic. To boot, if you run into any issues or find yourself with a question, our staff is more then happy to reach out to you with our real person customer service. 

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