GameStop Reveals Gyarados Premium Collection!

Gyarados will be making quite a splash in collector's closets soon! Gyarados will be receiving its own premium collection box, based off of its card from the Scarlet and Violet base set earlier this year. The box will be making its grand appearance on store shelves starting on November 3rd, and will be retailing for $39.99. It should be stated that this product will more than likely not be a GameStop exclusive, as we have no information to indicate that it would be.

The Gyarados ex premium collection box was revealed at GameStop's most recent  leader conference earlier last week. The collection is very reminiscent of the Charizard Premium collection which we had revealed to us earlier a few weeks ago, including similar contents. It will contain two promotional cards featuring a full art tera-water Gyarados, and a Magikarp which will presumably have a unique holofoil pattern. It will also contain a magnetic card display protector, a pack of 65 card sleeves, and 6 booster packs. The card display protector and card sleeves will both feature Gyarados on them. 

Premium collection boxes are almost always a favorite for TCG fans, but they are often specifically coveted by collectors. Premium collections typically only have one print run, meaning once they're gone they don't come back. Because of the nature of these products, they tend to appreciate quite well; normally, they make for quite a good invest due to this. Besides being a solid investment, these products make great additions to any sealed collector's hoard, as each product has a unique design which adds a unique pizzazz.

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