Heavy Hitters Premium Collection Box Coming Soon!

Prepare to liquidate your assets collectors, because coming soon is The Pokemon TCG's next way to ruin your financial status! Coming this September 1st is the Heavy Hitters Premium Collection box. Content-wise the box will contain fourteen packs in total, and if the image we have been provided is accurate those packs will be: four Fusion Strike, 2 Darkness Ablaze, 4 Brilliant Stars, and 4 Astral Radiance. In addition to the packs the box will have four large metallic coins, four foil cards (two of Lucario and two of Tyranitar) and one jumbo Lucario card.

Unfortunately the foil cards are all reprints from older sets, but regardless the box still looks great. We haven't seen gotten a sticker price for this box yet, but my best estimate is somewhere close to 80 dollars, with each pack being five dollars and an extra ten for the promotional cards and coins included.


Personally this box is certainly not something I'd buy to open, but instead to keep sealed and have as a major display piece. This premium collection is very reminiscent of older collection boxes from the late Sun and Moon era, which often also had ludicrous sticker prices and came with a plethora of goodies inside.

While it may not be something many people are eager to purchase in order to tear some packs, this item may show a trend in a new array of products to sit on store shelves soon. Personally speaking, I've gotten a little tired of walking into retail stores and only seeing the same few products for purchase, those being individual packs, ETB's, small V boxes, and the occasional blister pack here and there. This box may be a fresh breathe of some diversity in products that the Pokemon TCG scene has been heavily needing.

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