The Pokemon TCG Game: How You Can Play It!

If you're anything like me, you probably love to collect Pokemon cards. It's a fun hobby, and can create many great memories attached to it. Collecting on its own is a great way to spend time; however, the Pokemon TCG is more than just a thing to collect, it is something to play with as well. Many people love to perform in tournaments with their own decks, and many more like to play with Pokemon's pre-built decks. It is an overall very simple game to learn to begin with, yet the heights of which you can improve are near limitless. A fun game to play with your friends, the Pokemon TCG is a great game to pick up, and in this article that is exactly what we will talk about.

Probably the easiest way to get into the battle deck scene is simply any of the build and battle boxes. Pictured above is a larger but more cost efficient battle stadium. Why invest in one of these boxes you may be asking. Our collectors already know that each of these boxes come with an exclusive card out of a list of 4, alongside several packs to expand your collection, but what many often overlook is the sealed package of cards. These plastic wrapped packs include 23 cards, ranging from several different Pokemon TCG expansions, all of which are considered core parts to any player's deck. Purchasing one of these boxes is an amazing way to begin creating your own deck, as it sets you up with a healthy horde of cards to begin stockpiling. My personal favorite part of the smaller build and battle boxes is how they can also double as a deck holder; they are the perfect size to hold a tournament legal set of 60 cards! Pictured above is the slightly chunkier, probably more American version of the build and battle box, the build and battle stadium! Not only does it seem to have a higher BMI, but inside it you will find two build and battle boxes, for more additional packs, 121 energy cards, 2 acrylic condition markers, 6 damage counter dice, and a competition legal coin flip dice. These stadium boxes are a wonderful idea for someone who is either new to the battle scene or even slightly more experienced, because it gives you nearly everything you need in order to dip your toes in the pool that is the battle scene. However, this is one type of product which is more useful for battlers.
Pokemon themed battle decks are the definition of what you should consider buying if you want to get into the battle scene. Inside them you'll find a single player placemat to play with, a coin resembling whatever the featured Pokemon is, a rulebook on how to play the game, and most importantly a 60 card fully fledged theme deck ready to use, all of this among a few other goodies to help you along the way. These themed battle decks are honestly the best way for a newer player to get into the TCG battle scene, as they come jam-packed with everything a newbie needs to understand the game. 
That's about all for these two essential types of items to pick up, but I do still have a little soapbox for those of you who want to know more. To my fellow collectors out there, I believe these products, especially the theme decks, are some of the most slept on items when it comes it expanding your collection cave. The boxes come with a special black star promo card, along with a coin you won't find anywhere else. They make a great center piece to any collectors treasure trove, and I hardly see people take advantage of them. When I was younger I collected some theme decks from the Diamond and Pearl era, and I have those same boxes still up on my special shelf.
All and all, if you want to pick up a new hobby, want to find a new sort of item to add to your collection, or even just want to explore different types of Pokemon products, these game oriented products may be the perfect fit for you and your checkout cart!

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