Incandescent Arcana Cards Slowly Being Revealed!

To my fellow enjoyers of under-appreciated Pokemon, now is our time to rejoice! Coming to Incandescent Arcana are a bunch of Pokemon who haven't had much of a spotlight in the past few years. While we had an idea of some of them from the booster pack artwork back in our previous article covering this set (Incandescent Arcana: Next Set Hitting Japan's Market Soon), we now have some more Pokemon cards to look at, with even more things to look forward to. Notably the first thing that caught my eye was the Radiant Tsareena, meaning that we more than likely have another two Radiant cards that will be added to the full set.

Apart from this, we have something very notable, not just with the Pokemon featured, but also with the cards that it is receiving. Serperior may be a little late to the party in terms of starter Pokemon that are receiving love, but it's finally getting its dues! Serperior hasn't gotten much love in The Pokemon TCG ever since the Black and White era, and to be fair it didn't even receive much then. This all ends this coming September though, because Serperior is getting not one, but two potential chase cards. Serperior VSTAR is a beautiful looking card, especially for VSTAR standards, but that isn't even where it ends. Serperior is also receiving a Character Gallery V card, which is something that very few Pokemon can boast. As a fun little fact, Serperior is the only Pokemon, as far as right now, to have both a VSTAR and Character Gallery V card, which is very interesting. This just leaves the question: will Serperior receive a Rainbow Rare card?


As a final note, I have some good news to share to the Johto fans reading now. Ho-Oh is making it's first real appearance in the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon Cards, with its own V card being revealed. Considering we may be getting an English set with Lugia as it's poster Pokemon, it would certainly make sense for Ho-Oh to also finally get some love as well.

As a reminder, Lost Arcana is going to be hitting Japanese store shelves on September 2nd, only about half a month away from when this article was posted. Hardly any of the set list has been revealed to us thus far, and it's already looking like yet another amazing set.

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