Incandescent Arcana: Next Set Hitting Japan's Market Soon

What is perhaps the card set equivalent to a love letter has been written to us international card collectors. Set to be released in Japanese markets on September 2nd, Incandescent Arcana (S11a) will be be available for purchase quite soon. The Poster Pokemon of this set is Alolan Vulpix, which will also get its own VSTAR card in the set as well. This makes Alolan Vulpix the very first non-fully evolved Pokemon to receive a VSTAR card. 

In addition to Alolan Vulpix, this set seems like it will also have Serperior, Reshiram, and Braixen as featured Pokemon. We've only had a few of the cards revealed to us thus far, but from the cards we have seen we do know a few things.  Character Gallery cards will continue to make an appearance, as will Radiant cards. While some collectors may find this as something to be annoyed at, I feel as if more will appreciate this inclusion. Simply having more diversity in any given card set is a good thing. 

We can expect to see more of the card set revealed as the month goes on, and sooner than we think it will be released into markets in both Japan, and then soon after worldwide. Expect to be able to see most, if not all, of this set in the upcoming 'Silver Tempest' set, coming to Western markets in November. Just as you can expect this set to make its' appearance in Silver Tempest, you can also expect to be able to purchase Incandescent Arcana booster boxes right here at the Stadium at a competitive price.


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