Japanese Kanto Set: Possibly Soon to Debut!

In July of this year, we could potentially expect to see a throwback set already in the Scarlet and Violet TCG! Taken from distributor listings, "Pokemon Card 151" will be the name of a subset to release in Japan on June 16th, 2023. Each booster box for this set will come with 20 packs, and will retail for about 5,800 yen. 

This set is supposed to have 165 cards within it, counted before secret rares. The name suggests that the set would be a comprehensive amalgamation of the Kanto region's Pokemon, although we have no official source to confirm this guess. 

As a fun little side note, this may be the first set in nearly 20 years which could contain Kadabra, which has not been able to appear in any TCG expansion in a great deal of time due to legal issues. As of November 2020, the Pokemon has been allowed back into the card scene, so hopefully we can fully expect to see its return within this next set!

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