Japan's Next Pokemon TCG Set: Triple Beat

Before Scarlet and Violet's TCG has even released in the west, we already have news of Japan's next Pokemon set: Triple Beat! This set will release on March 10th, and will be a subset within Japan's TCG. It will be labeled as "SV1a".

Though we only have a small fraction of the cards revealed to us from this new set, it already looks promising, containing both art and special art rares, and even more great ex cards. The set looks as if it will focus even more on the Paldea region, and the newer Pokemon, instead of classics such as Arcanine and Gyrados.

In addition to the starters, it appears that Paldean Tauros as well as Oricorio will be featured in this set. Perhaps the legendary quartet of this generation will be featured within the next set, or even split up over multiple sets. 

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