Jirachi Taking Centerstage!

The wish of many fans of mythical Pokemon are finally coming true, after what feels like centuries of waiting! Jirachi, the wish Pokemon, has been receiving plenty of love all across the Pokemon franchise recently, yet no one has covered this news in a compiled list. Spanning from the TCG all the way to POGO, Jirachi is covered in all different forms of marketable love.

First and foremost, Jirachi just recently made a splash across the sea. Although not officially announced, Jirachi V boxes have appeared online originating from France, seemingly out of nowhere. Stores around the country have started to sell the product, and some have already begun to flip it on eBay as well. 

The box itself isn't inherently anything special, as it is the simple 4-pack V box that we've been accustomed to for some time now. The box pictured above appears to have the packs set as two Obsidian Flames, one Paldea Evolved, and one Brilliant Stars. The box additionally comes with the standard V promotional card and a jumbo variant of it, as well as an Absol from Astral Radiance. The box should retail for $19.99 and we can expect to see it in stores sometime soon.

While the product itself is seemingly out of nowhere, Pokemon TCG fans that have kept their ears to the ground have been aware of this Jirachi promo for some time now. With the release of Astral Radiance back in early 2022, Jirachi was one of the featured Pokemon which was carried over from Japan's Time Gazer set. At the time, the full art card was added to the English set yet the regular V card was not, which caused many to speculate it that it would release as a promotional card soon after the set's official release. Now, over a year later, we're finally getting this Jirachi V card that we had been missing from our binders for far too long.

The love for Jirachi is seemingly ongoing, with PokemonCenter's website also now carrying a special glow-in-the-dark Jirachi plush collection! Originally, many had thought this line of products to be a Japanese exclusive as the items had detail which often isn't seen in too many novelty items in the west, yet it recently went up on their site earlier this week. Available for purchase currently are a footlong sleeping Jirachi plush for $39.99 and a Jirachi plush keychain for $16.99, with both plushies being glow-in-the-dark

The first place we saw this unprecedented love for Jirachi was seemingly Pokemon GO; a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Earlier this year, Pokemon GO came out with a DLC ticket which unlocked the "Masterwork Research: Wish Granted" special research. The research features many difficult tasks, yet offers some solid rewards in return, including candies to several legendary Pokemon native to Hoenn. The main reward of the special research however, is a shiny Jirachi, which can only be obtained in-game through the purchase of this DLC.

With all of the love Jirachi has been receiving over the past year, one could've assumed that it was featured in the latest main-line game. Perhaps all of this is pointing to a Jirachi themed set in the TCG, or maybe even a Paradox form for it. It may not be the most coveted Pokemon of the franchise, but it would incorrect to say that Jirachi isn't a well loved Pokemon in the community. Jirachi is a Pokemon which is often slept on, and unfortunately hardly receives the love it deserves, fortunately things seem to be changing.

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