Japanese Pokemon TCG Sets 2023: Release Dates and Details Revealed

While in the United States, along with the rest of the world, are in the dark in terms of future set names, the Japanese scene is bursting with news. There is a common issue surrounding all of this news, however; much of the information is scattered. Much of what we know about this year's Japanese sets is limited to release dates and names, but even with this we can make a relatively detailed roadmap.

Already this year we've seen the release of five different sets so far! At first were the twin base sets: Scarlet ex and Violet ex. After these, came Triple Beat, which expanded onto the introduction of the Paldea region and its unique Pokemon. Finally, another pair of twin sets, those being Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. These two sets were the first to take inspiration from specific Pokemon and had very interesting themes. As of this article being released, these have been the only sets to release in Japan.

The first set which will release after this article, as well as what will be the sixth set of the Scarlet and Violet TCG series, Raging Surf will be out on September 21st. This set will feature Gholdengo ex in it, having it be its poster Pokemon. Gholdengo has its own side quest in order to capture it, and is also Pokemon #1000, a major milestone for the series as a whole; it is only fitting for it to be featured in one of Scarlet and Violet's sets.

What will be the first holiday set of the Scarlet and Violet series, as well as the next set to release, Pokemon Card 151 will be on store shelves on June 16th. This set has been covered vigorously on both this blog and others, but in short it is a set with the original 151 Kanto Pokemon. Featuring several different classic fan favorite Pokemon, including a Charizard ex, this is already an extremely anticipated set.

July 28th will see the release of Ruler of the Black Flame, a set which is characterized by its dark type terastalized Charizard. This set may also feature Chi-yu, one of the Treasures of Ruin. This set's English name will be Obsidian Flames, and will release sometime in August.

 As far as reliable release dates go, that's all we know currently. The remainder of the sets which we are aware of have only been discovered through trademark filings and small announcements.

Cyber Judge and Wild Force have only been revealed through trademarks, and will more than likely be sister sets, featuring paradox Pokemon. Additionally, we're also aware of the sets Future flash and Ancient Roar, two other sister sets which will more than likely feature paradox Pokemon. These sets will more than likely include many tie-ins with the Scarlet and Violet DLC which will be exploring the lore of Paradox Pokemon, and will likely reveal something interesting to us. These sets can be predicted to release later in the year, sometime between early and late fall.

Finally, what may be the most exciting set out of the bunch, there will be a set named Shiny Treasure which is set to be announced. It is highly likely that Shiny Treasure will be a special holiday set, featuring what are referred to as high class packs. This set will more than likely be our shiny vault set based on its name; Japan releases one of these sets about every three years, which is right around now. We have no idea when exactly this set may release, but in the past these holiday sets release around December close the the holidays.


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