Klara and Cyrus Premium Tournament Collection Cartons Revealed!

Out of all of the different types of products released within the past few years, arguably one of the most sought after and coveted are the Premium Tournament Collection cartons. These milk boxes always come featuring a fan favorite character, and come packed to the brim with different goodies and packs in order to help a collector build a collection which is also functional to play with. Users of Twitter have also been keen to point out that these boxes are much more environmentally friendly, especially compared to the metallic tins that Pokemon typically produces; another added benefit of these collection boxes.

Releasing on March 24th, two different cartons will be released, one featuring Klara, a poison type specialist trainer from the Sword and Shield DLC, the other featuring Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic from the Sinnoh region. These are both well loved characters in the franchise, with many avid fans. The boxes will retail for $39.99 each, and follow the same patterns as the previous two other Premium Tournament Collection cartons.

Personally, these cartons are my current favorite thing to collect. These boxes have become my favorite sealed items in my collection, simply because of how unique they look, as well as how they highlight such great characters. Whether you're looking to buy a Pokemon item as a collector or as a competitive player, you cannot go wrong with this item.

Each box will come filled with:

  • 1 Full art foil supporter card featuring either Klara or Cyrus
  • 3 Foil supporter cards featuring either Klara or Cyrus
  • 65 Card sleeves featuring either Klara or Cyrus
  • 1 Sturdy deck box featuring either Klara or Cyrus
  • 1 Large metallic coin featuring either Klara or Cyrus
  • 2 Coin condition markers
  • 6 Tournament-ready damage dice
  • 7 Pokemon card packs
  • 1 Code card for the online TCG

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