Klara's Implications on the TCG Scene

Recently we had concern that the Klara premium collection box would disappoint with the promotional card, however we now know that this is no longer the case. The product in America, and in other retailers outside of Japan for that case, will have a unique Klara promotional card, unlike the Japanese version of the product.

The Klara trainer full art card below is from Chilling Reign, which was also featured in the Japanese set named Matchless Fighter (s5a). In Japan, it had already been known that the artwork would be reused for the product, and it was simply assumed that the west would follow suit. 

The reason that this information holds much significance at all, outside of seeing beautiful new artwork of one of the best characters in the franchise, are the implications that this means for Japanese collectors specifically. Up until very recently, it has only been Japan which has had exclusive TCG content, such as rare cards to commemorate certain events. The cards below, for example were released only in Japan for their post offices.


Like I stated early, however, outside of Japan, other countries are receiving their own promotional cards now, meaning now collectors in Japan will also have to have some of their cards imported. The UK had their own unique promotional cards in a set of "Fustal" Promos, and Japan also never received a few of our Celebrations promotional cards, as well as our Charizard VMAX.


It will certainly be interesting to see where The Pokemon Company will continue this within Scarlet and Violet's TCG run. Perhaps we may see a continuation of the TCG being more spread out globally, allowing collectors worldwide to have access to something unique for their particular region. This, or perhaps the few cards listed here may remain the only few cards to stay exclusive outside of Japan.

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