Lost Abyss- Shedding a light on the next Japanese set!

Similar to its poster Pokemon's nature, Lost Abyss has been alluding many Pokemon TCG fans radars, that is up until now. Coming out July 15th, this set will be all over Japanese shelves, and all over the internet worldwide. With that in mind, hardly anybody has been talking about this set for some odd reason. Its English counterpart, Lost Origin, has seemingly gotten all of the traction worldwide; however, we cannot let this continue.

Lost Abyss is going to contain a slew of new cards featuring both Pokemon and characters that haven't had a spotlight in some time. Many of The Pokemon featured in this set are big players in the latest Pokemon game: Legends Arceus, while not surprising this is still something great to hear. 

The most notable thing about this set for us in the Western hemisphere is simply that this is a set containing many of the cards that will be packed in Lost Origin. Outside of this however, we won't have much else of this set to enjoy unfortunately. That is for anyone who isn't an avid international collector. Zeraura and Deoxys are both receiving their own theme decks in Japan, so we in the United States may have something similar come out in the future. Until then, we can hope that the shipping costs won't put too big of a dent in our wallets. If you're hoping to by-pass a massive financial hit, and still want to collect something from this set, consider purchasing a booster box right here at the Stadium. With both affordable shipping and a competitive price tag, you'll finally be able to collect the elusive Giratina. 



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