"Lost Origin" Pokemon Set Name Revealed!

Calling to all Pokemon fans!

Sorry for the spoiler, but it seems that another Pokemon set name has been leaked once again. In the past week, many fans have found that through Pokemon's 'TCG Live' database, an upcoming set that is releasing in August of this year has been given the name 'Lost Origin.' Though speculation, the fact that the name was contained on a Pokemon official platform seems to provide enough proof that this will most indeed be a real upcoming set.

With this being all the information us Pokemon fans currently have, many have also come with speculation. Most (and what I agree with), believe that the set will feature legendary Pokemon Giratina, or other mythical Pokemon of the Sinnoh region to align with the recently released Gen 4 Diamond and Pearl remake games on the Nintendo Switch. All we can do is speculate for the moment.

That being said, once the set does release, you can fully expect a high stock of items here at TCG Stadium. Pre orders will most likely be held a month to a couple of weeks before the release date, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to ensure you do not miss out. We notify our newsletter first of any restocks or new product we have. To sign up for the newsletter, simply scroll down to the bottom of our website when viewing any shopping page, and input your email where provided! If there are any issues or questions you have regarding this process, you can be sure to get quick help by contacting our live customer service representatives on the website! We hope you all look forward to the upcoming set, despite how far away it is! For now, keep being awesome and catch 'em all!

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