Lost Origin: The Next English Set!

Of all the Pokemon that could have been featured as the next figurehead of the TCG scene, Giratina only sets us fans up for success. From its shadowy origin story in the Diamond and Pearl Games, up to its most recent look joining antagonists in Legends Arceus, Giratina has remained an ominous presence who's haunted the minds of fans new and old, but more importantly its been a legendary many of us have loved. Giratina's first major appearance in the Pokemon TCG came with a mechanic known as the "Lost Zone", and since then this game mechanic has appeared sporadically since. In the Pokemon competitive scene, Giratina operates as either a strong wall, or a bulky attacker depending on which form its in. All of this summed up, this is a Pokemon who brings something interesting to the table whenever it appears, and now is no different!

September 9th of 2022 is when Lost Origin will make its debut, and even as far out as now we already have plenty of product images to look at. The prerelease cards have already been shown to us, and they all look great! As they always are, these cards will be available in both build and battle boxes as well as build and battle stadiums. Something of note about this set though, is that it will be the first set since Sword and Shield base to have a sanctioned prerelease event, so


As stated previously, and just to clear this up before it leaves my mind, the Lost Zone playing mechanic is known to be making an appearance in this set, and with a cool new look as well! Any card which features this mechanic will also have some sort of "shadowy aura" on their artwork. What this will look like is something worth speculating. 

We don't know a great deal about this set outside of the images we've seen for some of its products, but even these few images we have are enough to get me riled up! While we don't have any cards from the actual set revealed, we have plenty of good guesses we can make. This set will more than likely contain cards from both Lost Abyss (which will have a dedicated article soon) and Dark Phantasma. All of this to say to say, Lost Origin is looking to be yet another top tier set for the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon. Truly, this could not be a greater time for Pokemon fans!

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