Poke Ball Tin Series to Feature Lure Ball

For the first time ever, the Lure Ball will be available as one of the collectable tins in the Poke Ball Tin series! This next wave of Poke Ball tins will be releasing on September 22nd, and will retail for $14.99. The tins each contain three different packs, and two small sticker sheets. Because the next iteration of Poke Ball tins will be sold for $2 more than they usually are, we can expect at least two Scarlet and Violet era packs per tin. 

This tin series has been ongoing since 2018, and since then it has stuck to having three packs per tin. Before the Pokemon GO Poke Ball tin series, these items contained a collectable coin instead of the sticker sheets we now have. The last tin to be introduced was the Love Ball tin.

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