Pokemon's Ninth Generation in McDonald's!

Among traditions known to the United States and its inhabitants, there certainly are some more interesting ones that people from other countries simply wouldn't understand. A prime example that the European mind cannot comprehend is the age-old tradition of planning a trip to obtain a Big Mac. Finally, American Pokemon fans have the return of their favorite semi-annual event, and things couldn't look better for us!

 Returning back for its ninth time around the drive-through, McDonald's kids meals will be containing Pokemon cards from September 12th all the way through October 16th. This means that kid's meals at McDonald's will be Pokemon themed for 5 whole weeks! The promotion has already started in Europe, so we already have a card list that we can look at to see what we're going to be getting in our own stores here.

The McDonald's sets always contain 15 cards in their total card list, and this time is no different. Moreover, all of the cards, barring Pikachu, are ripped from the Scarlet and Violet base set; the Pikachu card is found in Paldea Evolved. These cards always have a unique holofoil pattern not seen anywhere else in the Pokemon TCG. 


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