Mimikyu ex Box to Release in March

The first ever ex box for Scarlet and Violet has been revealed to us, and it surprisingly is not a Pokemon from the Paldea region! Mimikyu will be the first of what will be more than likely many, many different Pokemon to get featured in their own ex box, as we've been seeing with V boxes these past few years. 

The Mimikyu ex box will release on March 3rd, meaning that it will not contain any Scarlet and Violet base set packs, since the box is releasing before the set. More than likely we'll just see some Silver Tempest packs, along with one or two other recent Sword and Shield sets. 

The box will contain the standard four packs, along with a Mimikyu ex accompanied by a jumbo version of itself, along with a foil Greavard card. The box will retail for $19.99, and will be available for purchase at The Stadium.

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