More Pokemon Products Revealed For 2022

Pokemon fans, get excited because even more products got revealed for April of 2022! This article is mainly going to be adding onto the last one written earlier this week, where we discussed the other products which had already been announced for April.

The first products we're going to look at are the new eeveelution tins. The United States versions of these tins will be packed in the new, larger, tins with 5 card packs in them alongside their respective promotional card. These tins will retail at $25 a pop, and if you ask me they're definitely worth the price. The colors chosen for these tins really pop, making them a great addition for any collectors out there.
The other product we have to look forward to is the Boltund V box, which will retail for $20. In this box you will find a Boltund V promotional card alongside a matching jumbo variant, a wooloo promotional card, and finally 4 card packs. This is in my opinion the perfect type of product to buy if you're wanting the feeling of making a larger purchase, but at an affordable cost. 
That's all for this article, just a short and concise summary for these new upcoming products. If you want to check out the other article, click the link right here:
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