New Arceus V Figure Collection Box to be Released!

Although what we see is in French, us English collectors still have much to be excited about! Coming out in April, alongside a whole slew of other products we have already gone over, this figure collection box is going to be in hot demand! It will contain four packs, which appear to be 1 Vivid Voltage, 1 Fusion Strike and finally 2 packs of the yet to be released Brilliant Stars. Great packs, but an even better promo card, as this box will come featuring a very special Arceus V card, next to an impressive figure of the 'alpha' Pokemon.

"Why is this card so special?" is the question you may find yourself asking. Essentially, up until just now with this box's announcement, this card was exclusive to one country. Avid Pokemon fans in Japan were the only people to have access to this card through a preorder of the video game Pokemon Legends Arceus. In my onion Japanese Pokemon black star promotional cards boast the greatest artwork compared to any of their competition, and this is definitely a continuing trend as we can see here. was used for this article. 

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