New Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes!

Recently we've only been talking about negative changes, so to switch topics onto something much more positive, the new Pokemon Center ETB's are a wonderful point to dive into the new and amazing changes with generation nine. We had already had the exclusive Pokemon Center ETB's for purchase, but a few changes seem to be coming to them, outside of the price.

To begin with, instead of the standard ten packs we had become accustomed to with these products, they will now contain eleven packs instead. Perhaps this means that the standard pull rate out of ETB's will go up, further justifying their purchase. 

In addition to this, and much more interesting to look at, are the promotional cards which come with the ETB's! It appears that all ETB's will have a promotional alternate art card in them, but the Pokemon Center ETB's will contain two instead. The second card will have a stamp on the bottom right corner of the card, denoting that the card came from the official Pokemon Center website. These changes will certainly add to the intrinsic collecting value of these exclusive elite trainer boxes, and will certainly make the purchasing of them more justifiable with the increase in price.

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