A Sneak Peak Into Paradox Rift, The Upcoming Set!

Within the current atmosphere of the Pokemon TCG, collectors and players have many things on their plate already. With two highly anticipated English sets already in the headlights in Obsidian Flames and Scarlet and Violet 151, there is already a great amount of hype for what's to come. With this being the case, fans have yet another hot and coming set to look forward to!

Paradox Rift will be the next regular English set, following Obsidian Flames, and will be releasing November 3rd of this year. This set is expected to be comprised of cards from the Japanese set Raging Surf, as well as the complimentary sets Ancient Roar and Future Flash. Hardly anything else is known about these sets outside of a few featured Pokemon, so currently everything is up to speculation.

As an interesting piece of trivia, this is the second time we've had a set in English have its release date announced before its Japanese counterpart. Ancient Roar and Future Flash have been, while for the most part undiscussed, known about for a few months at this point in time; that being said however, hardly anything else is known about these sets. While the Japanese sets may receive more information before Paradox Rift, it is interesting that we have its release date so early.

A common theory currently is that Paradox Rift will feature Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, the paradox forms of Suicine and Virizion. This theory is believable considering the name of the set is explicitly linked to paradox Pokemon. Moreover, with the Scarlet and Violet DLC releasing around the same time, it would make a great deal of sense for the TCG to advertise with these two Pokemon as they will be featured in the games.

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