November 2023 Products!

With all of the different products coming out, and both English and Japanese sets continuing to come out at a quickening pace, TCG fans have had a seemingly endless list of things to buy. Several different items are set to come out in the next few months for Pokemon fans, and the only limit besides product inventory are our bank accounts. Let's quickly break down the individual items we're getting now, outside of generic set specific products.

To begin with, the fall 2023 collector's chest is set to release on November 17th, for the retail price of $29.99. These collector's chests, also affectionately known as lunchboxes, are great gifts for younger TCG fans, or anyone really who enjoys collector's items. The lunchbox comes with 6 Pokemon TCG packs, 3 promotional cards, a Charizard coin, 4 sticker sheets, and a mini portfolio with Charizard on it! The cards featured will have the final evolutions of the Paldea starters, but aside from them the item is almost entirely Charizard themed.

For those more interested in Pokemon besides Charizard, hope can be found in the other upcoming products for this fall season! Releasing on the same day are ex boxes featuring Iron Valiant ex and Roaring Moon ex. These boxes will be retailing for $21.99, and follow the standard 4 Pokemon TCG pack V/ex box layout. The Pokemon featured as the additional foil cards (after the Iron Valiant/ Roaring Moon foil card and jumbo cards) are Brute Bonnet and Iron Bundle. The promotional cards we've seen for these boxes are all reprints off of Paradox Rift.


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