Obsidian Flame: Release Date, Type Shifted Tera Pokemon & More!

With the release day of Paldea Evolved drawing closer and closer, fans are not only left excited for all their preorders to come in, but also to see whatever is the next set down the line. A few days ago, Pokemon both announced and revealed much of the information we had been craving, the news we had waited over a month for. This is the first peek we have at Obsidian Flame, the third Pokemon TCG set in the Scarlet and Violet line.

Obsidian Flame will release on August 11th, about three months after the most recent set, Paldea Evolved. Pokemon sets in the beginning of a new series typically play it safe and are rather basic, from both a thematic and artwork perspective. While Paldea Evolved was already beginning to push its boundaries with what we would normally expect from early Scarlet and Violet, Obsidian Flame leaves it in the dust with an impressive introduction.

Obsidian Flame will be introducing type shifted tera Pokemon into the card game. These are Pokemon who's tera type is different than their typical typing. Our poster Pokemon for this set is a tera dark Charizard ex; Charizard would typically have either a fire or flying tera typing, but instead here it is seen as a dark type. Additionally we can see a tera electric shifted Tyranitar ex, instead of tera rock or tera dark. It has also been stated that we will be getting type shifted tera Eiscue ex and Vespiquen ex, although their tera typings are currently unknown. We are also aware of Dragonite ex, Revavroom ex, Melmetal ex, and Greedent ex.

Obsidian Flame will contain a total of 190 cards, before secret rares that is, with fifteen Pokemon ex and six tera Pokemon ex. There will be twelve illustration rare cards in this set, with six special illustration rare cards. There will be twelve full art ultra rares, and three gold cards.


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