Discover the Exciting Details of Paldea Evolved, Scarlet and Violet's New Set

With the English Scarlet and Violet base set just now making its debut, a whole two months after Japan's base set, we can now aptly and anxiously look forward to the set just over the horizon. 

Scarlet and Violet's next set, Paldea Evolved, will officially release and hit store shelves on June 9th. This marks a release date approximately three months after its predecessor, following the trend started in the Sun and Moon TCG of allowing the base set to have a few months to breathe before having anything new overcoat it.

The set will be combination of Japanese sets, composed of Triple Beat, Snow Hazard, Clay Burst, and the Pikachu ex Starter Deck. More than likely, not all of the cards from these several sets will be included, since if they were the set would reach well over 300 cards. We can assume that some cards will be pushed back to sets down the Scarlet and Violet TCG series. 

The Pokemon Company has already unveiled the designs for the basic line up of products. The Pokemon featured on the artwork for this set will be the three Paldean starters, as well as the two legendaries Chien-pao and Wo-Chien. The Pokemon which will be featured as the blister pack promotional cards are Varoom Tinkatink for the three pack blisters, and Growlithe, and Smoliv for the check-lane blisters.

Interestingly the elite trainer box of the set features the starter Pokemon in their primary stage; on every other product they are featured in, the starters are seen in their final evolutionary stage. 

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