Paldea Partner Tins: Fall 2023 Product

Scarlet and Violet are slowly but surely approaching one year of release following the games, and the TCG is slowly catching up to them. Now, we will soon be seeing products featuring the starters alongside Scarlet and Violet era packs. Starting September 1st, we will be receiving the "Paldea Partner" tins. These tins will depict the final evolutionary stages of each of the starter Pokemon, and will retail for $26.99 each.

The tins will include a reprinted version of the starters' ex cards from Paldea Evolved, although they will feature different artwork from their non-promotional counterparts. The artwork is more than likely going to be pulled from the Japanese set Shiny Treasure. These tins themselves will boast impressive artwork, and will come with the usual five packs, promotional card, and online TCG code card. We can more than likely also expect a cheaper, international version of these tins which offer four packs instead, alongside the classic tin design.

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