Paldea's First Products!

The most anticipated time for all Pokemon enjoyers is approaching us once more! With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releasing on November 18th, fan hype has never been this high for the new games, and it continues to grow for card collectors now as well! Earlier, a few months ago, we were shown the first two cards of generation nine, with Koraidon and Miraidon's ex cards being revealed to us, and now we have a look at the first actual products which will release.

Officially called the "Pokemon TCG: Paldea Collections", these boxes will be released on January 6th. Each box will contain three promotional cards featuring the three starter Pokemon, four packs, a pin of the featured Pokemon on the box, and a jumbo card of either Koraidon or Miraidon. This means that there will be six variations of these products.

Since the legendary's cards will not be in a normal size we can assume one of two things from this product. Either the cards will have to be a part of the base set of generation nine, or that they will be regular sized promotional cards in a different product. Either way, the bottom line currently is that these particular Koraidon and Miraidon cards are only in jumbo promotional form at the moment. 

 These boxes will supposedly retail for $19.99, although this is subject to potentially change. Because of Pokemon choosing to inflate the prices of all of their products, in addition to these boxes containing more than just the typical four packs, single promotional card, and jumbo card, we can assume this price may unfortunately be marked up. For right now, we can hope that this is not the case.

Even if these products do end up getting marked up, the Paldea collection boxes, in addition to all other Pokemon products past, present, and future, will continue to be found at a low and affordable price at The Stadium. It is our joy and pleasure to provide Pokemon, along with other collectable, products at a competitive price, because we value brining families and friends closer together through the hobby of collecting. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter in order to be able to get your hands on the newest Pokemon products in an affordable, safe, and efficient way.

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