Paradigm Trigger: Slowly Being Revealed in Japan!

The Sword and Shield TCG era may be coming to a close in the very near future, yet it will certainly go out with a bang! If your bank account has somehow been able to make it through the recent bloodbath that was Lost Origin, Astral Radiance, and Incandescent Arcana it's more than likely on its last legs. Just like an older lady with an advanced age contracting malaria, this final set should financially put you in the ground. Paradigm Trigger is confirmed to be the last Japanese Pokemon card set releasing in 2022, as well as the final normal expansion set of this generation. That means that this set will be the end all be all to Sword and Shield's Eastern legacy, and things are looking quite good. Why exactly are things looking so well though?

We can't go on with this article without discussing what this set is really about, that would just be clickbait on my end. Paradigm Trigger will release in Japan on October 21st, and its most prominent Pokemon are Lugia, and the two new Regi's that were released with the Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC. This set will be about half of the last international set to release for the eighth generation, the other half being Incandescent Arcana.

Three big reasons could be given as to why this set is destined to succeed. First and foremost, it's coming right off the heels of other sets which have been nothing but loved and well received. As mentioned earlier, many fans are already in a pack-ripping craze, which would naturally roll over to this final set. With that in mind, this is indeed the final set of Sword and Shield. While that doesn't necessarily mean that it'll explode in popularity (such as XY Evolutions), it is yet another factor to consider in this equation. Finally, with many Pokemon who have not been featured in years making a triumphant return, fans may like it for that alone.  Pokemon such as Lugia and Unown are fan favorites, and seeing that they're getting highlighted in this set is something truly spectacular.

On a quick final note, this is the first, and more than likely last, set to include VSTAR trainer cards, something very unique which is more than likely going to stir up the TCG competitive meta. Whether you're interesting in Paradigm Trigger for it's collecting aspect or wanting to expand your current playing deck, undoubtedly one of the best sites to purchase it outside of Japan would be right here at TCGStadium. Prices lower than competitors, shipping rates that blow overseas prices out of the park, and good package quality control, you really can't go wrong with ordering here!

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