Pokemon Card 151 Set: Release Date, Kadabra's Return & Unique Set List Revealed

While it was teased several months ago, and was something comparable to legend, we finally have proof of the elusive set. Up until now, the set titled Pokemon Card 151 had been nothing but a more underground idea, but now it has been brought to the forefront of the community, and we can certainly see we have a great set ahead of us.

Revealed at the kickoff of the Champions League 2023 tournament in Japan, The Pokemon Company announced that this set will be released on June 16th of this year. It will be the next Japanese set to release after Snow Hazard/ Clay Burst.

The set will contain 165 cards before the addition of secret rares. Pokemon Card 151 has a unique set list, and is arranged so that each Pokemon is ordered in correspondence to its Pokedex number (ie Bulbasaur is #001, Mew is #151).

This set will mark the arrival of Kadabra to the Pokemon franchise, after 21 whole years of absence due to a lawsuit which only recently has been dropped. While no special treatment was really given to Kadabra, its return has certainly made waves in the fanbase.

The set is officially known as a "Strengthening Expansion Pack" which essentially categorizes it as a smaller set, meant to supplement the current rotation of sets. Other sets categorized similarly are Dark Phantasma and the JP Pokemon GO set. In the west, we can more than likely assume to receive this set as some form of summer holiday set. The booster box will contain 20 packs, with 7 cards per pack. It will retail for 5,800 yen, which is the approximate equivalent of $43.68. 

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