Pokemon GO TCG Products on the Horizon!

Gather friends and family, neighbors and all, because one of the next Pokemon TCG sets is going to be a never before seen crossover set featuring one of the greatest themes to date! Pokemon GO has bled into the TCG scene, and this couldn't be bigger news. This set is going to be something immensely ambitious, featuring ten cards per pack! Why is this important news you may be asking? That means that this isn't just a small lineup as we have seen in the past in crossovers with different names such as McDonald's, but rather a fully fledged out set which may have the chance to come with its own array of full arts and secret rares!

Based on the pack art itself we may get a glimpse of some of the more prevalent Pokemon that will be featured in the set. Of course we see Pikachu and Mewtwo and Gyrados, but Pokemon like Aipom are certainly interesting to see. My best guess for Pokemon we may see in this set is a lineup of what Pokemon are prevalent in the Meta, or have become well known with the game. A certain two that stand out in particular are Johto box legendaries, Lugia and Ho-Oh. These two have a good chance to be featured simply because of how often the two have appeared in raids over the years, alongside the very recent Johto Tour event that happened in game which had the two front and center. We also may see an influx of Alolan Pokemon in this card set to promote the latest update in Pokemon GO, which has started to add Pokemon from generation seven to the mobile game.

For those not in the know, Pokemon GO is a mobile game. It took the world by storm back in 2016 when it first came out, even though the game itself would later on become just a skeleton of the game now. Back then, many played the game as a fad; it was interesting to see how so few people who played the game knew next to nothing about Pokemon as a franchise or game. Now, nearly six years later, the game is still booming. Certainly not the App Store behemoth it was back in its heyday, Pokemon GO still has a loyal following of Pokemon lovers. Now, the game has many features that were never even thought of back when it first came out, such as the GO Battle League, which allows trainers to battle competitively against each other for in-game rewards. What does this mean at the TCG scene? We may see a new niche influx of collectors and players in our community, all from the GO one. I for one could not be more excited for this crossover set, and certainly many others are in the same boat. If you want to have a chance to collect some of this set at a good price, make sure to keep an eye on our newsletter for anymore updates concerning this next amazing set!

Here are all the products we have to look forward to!

  • Small Tins
  • Pokeball Tins
  • Elite Trainer Box
  • Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box
  • Special Collection Boxes
  • Premium Collection Boxes
  • Battle Decks
  • Deck Holder Collections
  • Pin Collection Sets

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    Ash Davachi

    Ash Davachi

    Yes Austin, Mewtwo is featured in this set!



    this is a cool set of pokemon cards is mewtwo in it

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