Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG: Three Pack Blister Changes Inbound

A collector favorite item, the three pack blister has been a staple item within the Pokemon TCG's lineup of products for some time now, and fans won't be surprised or disappointed to hear of their return. The first two featured Pokemon for the Scarlet and Violet base set blisters will be Arcanine and Dondozo, two well loved and very prominent Pokemon in the community. 

Unfortunately however, these once beloved items may soon be falling out of favor, with the new changes coming to them. Three pack blisters used to retail for a standard $12.99, however with the new price of packs, this total has gone up to $14.99! This means that each pack is being sold for roughly five dollars, and while this isn't necessarily the worst possible deal, it certainly is not a great one either. 

The biggest, and most noticeable change however, is the exclusion of the collectable game-legal coin. Twitter users are divided upon whether or not this is a good thing, which is more than likely what the whole community could be summarized up to. While the coin itself was never a major selling point, it was an additional promotional collectable, along with the card each blister came with. The coin along with the card somewhat helped justify the price of the standard blister, but now without it, these blisters have to rely on solid promos. Only once these products come out and we see how the community reacts will we be able to tell whether the change is controversial or not.


Coins have been a staple for Pokemon's three pack blisters for a long time now, so it will certainly be strange to see these products lacking the item.


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