Pokemon Sleep: the Latest for Pokemon Apps

During the latest Pokemon Day, which was 2/27/23 for anyone who missed it, The Pokemon Company gave us plenty of news in terms of what is to look forward to through the near future. One of the more unique projects The Pokemon Company has been working on is an app that plays like a game based on your sleep. 

By simply starting the app before you go to bed each night and then placing your phone beside your pillow, Pokemon sleep can measure, record, and analyze your sleep. It will then mark your sleep as dozing, snoozing, or slumbering, based on the information it receives from you. In addition to these styles of sleep, it appears there are a vast variety more which are much more unique to different types of sleepers and Pokemon.
Based on how you sleep, certain Pokemon will gather around Snorlax. The fun challenge the trailer seems to present is trying to see as many of the different Pokemon you can, by sleeping differently.
Interestingly, this game was revealed around May of 2019, but only now four years later is getting a release date of summer 2023. Soon enough, true Pokemon fans and gamers alike will be able to be rewarded for going to sleep, and may finally have a reason to hit the hay. 
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